Ronald Burggrave

Ronald Burggrave has over 25 years of experiences in developing and executing marketing and sales strategies of innovative life sciences technologies.

PiEXT BV - director:
Sales, Marketing and Business Development Consultant.
Agent for Start-Up Companies.

current Principal
Genetic Signatures

Genetic Signatures Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Transforming Molecular Diagnostics: novel tools for pathogen screening.

Previous principals

Personalis' Exome Sequencing, for genome guided medicine.
Sr Account Executive for the BNL.

OpGen INC, Whole Genome Optical Mapping Products and Services
Exclusive dealer for OpGen's technology.


Biolegio BV, Nijmegen, the Netherlands: Custom Made Oligos and Probes.

Contact details and information

Piext B.V.
Maliskampsestraat 6
5248 AD Rosmalen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 21 929 402

Chamber of Commerce: 172.00.289
IBAN ING-Bank: NL65INGB067 33 34 147
VAT-id-nr: NL8174.19.275B.01
EORI-nr: NL8174.19.275


LA Screen, a RvO (AgentschapNL) funded project, to develop a methodology
to characterize (detect and type) pathogenic bacteria in the food chain.
Concluded Spring 2014.
WebSite: Plos1 LA-MRSA

PathoNGenTrace, a EU FP7 research project:
Next Generation Genome Based High Resolution Tracing of Pathogens.
Website: PNGT